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Internal Medicine

Also known as primary care physicians (PCPs) or general practitioners, MedStar Health internists are personal physicians who provide comprehensive care to patients 16 and older. Specially trained to serve as your primary doctor over many years, internal medicine physicians get to know you, your family history, and your medical history—your overall health—in order to offer you the personalized care you need to stay healthy.

In addition to preventative care, MedStar internists help you keep track of screenings which keeps you healthier for longer. They’re also experts in diagnosing and treating a variety of conditions including asthma, arthritis, headaches, high blood pressure, diabetes and more. You can even trust your MedStar internist to offer advice for diet and exercise, mental health, and stress reduction for overall wellness.

Our internists offer quality care at convenient locations throughout Maryland and the Washington, D.C., region, so you’ll always have the best in primary care close by. We can also coordinate seamless care with our extensive network of specialists, if you need more specialized care.


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