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Find Urgent Care

MedStar Health Urgent Care offers urgent care for most illnesses, injuries, and physicals. At our convenient urgent care centers, you can walk in any time during our extended hours without an appointment.

If the online check-in visit times have all been taken for the day, you can still walk in and be seen during business hours.  The time estimates below reflect an estimated wait time if you were to walk in the door right now.

Learn more about the services that we offer at our urgent care locations.

14 Convenient Locations in the Baltimore Region, Washington, D.C., Metro Area and Northern Virginia

When To Use Urgent Care

  • If your primary care physician’s office is closed or unable to see you. We will keep your primary care physician updated on the outcome of your visit so your care with us goes into your medical record.
  • If you have a non-life threatening injury or sickness during the day, after business hours, or on a weekend or holiday.
  • If you have a minor injury and you don’t want to wait in an Emergency Room for treatment.
  • If you suspect you or your child may have a concussion after a sports-related accident.
  • If you need a flu shot and during immunization season.
  • If you need a physical for sports, summer camp, or pre-employment.

We’re Proud To Offer These Services

Our urgent care centers provide extended-hour access to medical care for illnesses and injuries that are not emergencies. You can check in online or walk in to receive the following services:

  • Flu shots
  • Illness care (flu, allergies, bronchitis, infections, pneumonia, strep throat, pink eye, sinus infection treatment, cold symptom treatment, UTI treatment (urinary tract infection), yeast infection treatment, and more)
  • Injury care (stitches, concussion evaluations, sprains, lacerations, broken bones, burn treatment and more)
  • Pre-surgery physicals